Cahit Arf Lecture 2012 by David E. Nadler

Arf Lectures 2012

David E. Nadler

Northwestern University,
University of California, Berkeley

Traces and loops

Date: November 08, 2012
at 15:40

Cahit Arf Auditorium
Department of Mathematics
Middle East Technical University
Ankara, Turkey

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This talk will focus on the interplay between two basic notions originating in algebra and topology. In algebra, there is the trace of a matrix, important for its equality with the sum of the eigenvalues of the matrix. In topology, there are the loops on a space, which play a central role in the computation of homotopy groups and in the structure theory of spaces. There is a well-developed understanding of the intimate relation between traces and loops coming from non-commutative geometry and mathematical physics. We will explain how modern formulations elucidate fundamental identities in geometry and representation theory.